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Free Fight Mesothelioma Wristbands

Free Fight Mesothelioma Wristbands

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma is not lung cancer. Instead, it is a specific kind of cancer that affects the lining around the lungs, heart or abdomen. Each year, approximately 3,000 men and women in the U.S. are diagnosed with mesothelioma. Visit www.mesotheliomanews.com to learn more.

Help spread awareness with a Free Fight Mesothelioma Wristbands.


I was not skinny when I got pregnant with my first child, but I was active and losing weight putting me in the category of those with a little extra on an athletic body.  Then I got pregnant and very ill losing 20lbs and ending the pregnancy actually 2 lbs lighter than when I started.  After giving birth I obviously lost more weight.  I started doing yoga and working at getting myself health again.  After intense yoga practice earning me a 200 hour teaching certificate, I was still not feeling one hundred percent. On top of my issues getting my body back to pre-pregnancy normal functioning, I had also developed a lump on my right shoulder.  Due to the severe edema I experienced during the pregnancy I was told it was fluid and would dissolve as my body healed over that first year post-pregnancy.

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No tummy tuck needed! Get your prebaby body back naturally!

 By Angela Calavicci

Every mommy knows the frustrations of the physical changes to your body after having a baby that you never get back! The loose skin, stretch marks and sagging breasts are especially frustrating since Drs. offer little help or advise. It’s one of those “oh I hope I can save up for a tummy tuck” kinda things. I have 2 daughters. Now for me, my body bounced back pretty quickly (Yay for breastfeeding) and my normal weight returned quickly (Lucky, I know!) But I still had stretch marks and loose skin. What a bummer and a depressing feeling to be thin after baby and still feel like I looked disgusting. I know I am not the only one. I went from a lights on kinda girl to a low lighting lady 😉 You know what I’m talking about here. Now I am a sweepstakes and contest kinda girl so I get introduced to lots of new products that I would otherwise never know of. So I start seeing these before and after pictures for It Works! Globals Ultimate Body Applicators. The before

 and after photos were pretty amazing transformations were pretty amazing but I’m a thin girl so it was cool to see the results but I wasn’t really interested for me personally. Then I started seeing that they help with loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite and I was hooked! I WANTED THAT! What lady doesn’t? So while I was waiting to get the money for it (only $25!) I started reading about becoming a loyal customer. You get 4 wraps for $59 as a loyal customer, plus 10% back in rewards, wholesale prices for life on all products, free shipping on orders of $125, free shipping on any order after 3 months and a $100 credit after being a customer on auto-ship for 12 months. Now to become a loyal customer you do have to sign up for auto shipments of 3 months minimum to get all the benefits. You only have to have one product minimum each month and can change products each month as long as you have one. You can even jump from one product to 3 back down to one

 if you want. Now we are a low income family and I am a deal hunter so I was torn in two! I wanted that deal badly but I wasn’t sure I could come up with the $59 a month for wraps. Then I found out there were other products that my boyfriend would use for as low as $23. I could probably more easily come up with that if we were low on money. Then I found out you could become a distributor for only $99 and it came with 4 wraps! You sell them for $25-$35 so I could make my money back right away! Then of course I could order wholesale after that any time I wanted and make some money too! Also if you get 4 Loyal customers in your first 30 days you get 2 free 4 packs of wraps! This was definitely the option for me! My goal was to join and at least get my wraps paid for within the year because I only have 15 minutes a day realistically to commit to and being a deal hunter I’m happy to double my money. So I signed up and couldn’t get around to really selling for a couple months. I did get to use my wraps and my boyfriend tried one too! He lost 4.75 inches with one and I tightened up my loose skin and reduced my stretch marks! I was thrilled! Plus results are progressive so I have used several wraps now and keep getting better results. I think I need about one more then I’m back to normal on the loose skin! How exciting is that! Plus they are so easy to use! You just put one on for 45 minutes (keep it on with saran wrap or tight clothing) and drink water! That’s it! Now after I tried the wrap I wanted to try the defining gel. This is something you put on like lotion one to two times a day that helps with loose skin too! You can only use one Ultimate Body Applicator every 72 hours so it’s nice to have something you can see results with daily. The Defining Gel quickly became my favorite! So now I had two products I needed to make money back to pay for. Well my boyfriends hours went down (he was working up to 14 hour

 days) so now I had time to sell. Well in 22 days of working up to 2 hours a day not only did I make my goal of getting my money back (including business card costs, etc) I got promoted to the next level! I am one happy lady! My loose skin is almost gone, my stretch marks are down to less than half what they were (I’ve got my eye on the stretch mark cream for my next purchase!) and I’m making money at home! I went from needing a tummy tuck to being happy with my body! Now not only do Ultimate Body Applicators help with loose skin, cellulite and stretch marks they also flush toxins from fat cells which causes them to shrink! And results last 2-6 months! It is as if you exercised it off so results can be indefinite if you eat right and exercise too. You can also use defining gel and Ultimate Body Applicators to perk up your girls! Email me and ask for technique if you want lift only or lift/reduction. I am really happy to be able to spread the word and

 help other Mommy’s get their baby bodies back! There is nothing better than being a mother but it does come at a price. I want to help offer a “discount” on that price 😉 You can be a Mommy and get your sexy self back! Now most people have results with just one Ultimate Body Applicator and progressive results with more but some people do need more than one to get any results. We also carry other weight loss, beauty, and health products (Chin and neck applicators for double chins, vitamins, fat fighters (to absorb fat from food), thermo-fit to increase caloric burn, facials and antiaging products) but of course nothing as exciting to me as the Ultimate Body Applicator, Defining Gel and Stretch Mark Cream! You really can look like you again! If you would like more information or want to try a single Ultimate Body applicator please feel free to email me at angela@richandfirm.com To order products, or sign up as a loyal customer or distributor you can do so here. If you want to see real before and after photos please visit my Facebook page  I am here to help you get your baby body back or make some income! I really do appreciate all your questions and love to help! Thank you so much for letting me ramble on about my experience and I do hope I can help you too!

Pink Bowtique is an extraordinary company that makes beautiful one of a kind hair accessories for the little princesses in our lives. Nancy Chartrand and  Penny Godwin, two friends and now successful business partners have owned and operated Pink Bowtique since March 2008. Nancy and Penny, both stay at home moms at the time, where giving the opportunity to purchase the company from a friend. The friend, having three very young children at the time, decided she needed to sell her business because of the time involved in running it. For Nancy and Penny, this opportunity could not come at a better time. Nancy, who had an unexpected pregnancy when her youngest of three children was in the 4th grade, and Penny, who was very excited about her daughter going to UCLA, were worried about the new expenses their lives where about to take on. After training in the areas needed for running their internet business, Nancy and Penny took over the small one woman production and turned it into the largest baby headband, hair bow and accessory business on the web today!

Pink Bowtique  manufactures and sells baby boutique products on the world-wide web.  Most of the products you will find on their site are custom designed, created, manufactured and shipped directly from their facility in the Turlock, CA. PinkBowtique.com

products are hand-made in the USA with top quality materials. They produce a large inventory of unique and luxury hair bows, headbands, clippies, flower hair clips, infant headbands, flower hats, flower headbands, baby tutus, pettiskirts, flower onesies, diaper covers, bloomers and more.

So who exactly is PinkBowtique.com? They employ several local women in different aspects of the business, from making our products, to packaging, posting, photography, and marketing. Nancy and Penny’s older children also are employed, both during the summer and during the school year. They have been able to gain business experience and make money to provide for themselves while they are away at school.

“Nancy and I feel that one of the reasons our business has experienced such success is that we operate it by the golden rule.  Our philosophy includes providing customers with a baby boutique built on honesty in business, integrity in the goods that are sold, quality that customers can rely on, and delivery and presentation that customers can trust and know will be the best found in today’s market.  We pride ourselves in expedient customer service – what was once a requirement for all businesses, but tends to be a rarity in today’s business climate.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction in every baby headband, hair bow, tutu, bloomer onesie, baby outfit, and other assorted baby items that we sell.  We are a legally operating business entity (LLC) and hold a current business license, California resale certificate, and have a registered Tax ID. ” – Penny

Penny and Nancy were so kind to send my Mommy and Me Mommies to be group one of their Sunhats and a bow to review. When we received the box in the mail and opened it we could not believe how professional and unique the wrapping is. Secure in their own clear plastic box with a beautiful pink ribbon bow. It is very easy to see how much time, pride and love is put into making each custom item that they make. The quality of the materials are above our expectations! Pink Bowtique is definitely above and beyond anything that you can find out there.

To see all of the products that Pinkbowtique.com has to offer please visit their website. Plus our readers can enjoy 10% off of their entire purchase by using “pinkblog10” in the discount code at checkout.

Follow Pink Bowitque on Facebook!

Would you like to Try PinkBowtique.com for free?

Penny and Nancy wants to give our readers   an exclusive offer – the opportunity to try a PinkBowtique product for free (just pay $6.95 for shipping) so that you can see the quality of products and workmanship for yourselves!  And believe me it’s AMAZING. You just need to send them your name, address, phone, e-mail, and age of baby or girl, that you saw their review on Kathleen’s Blog Spot in addition to $6.95 for shipping and handling (no checks or credit cards for this offer please – cash or money order only) to: 

PinkBowtique Blog Offer

352 E. Olive Avenue, St. C

Turlock, CA  95382

Ecco Bella Giveaway

Ecco Bella Natural skincare offers products for all skin types. I tried the Natural Age-Antidote Day Skin Cream. And so far I LOVE IT. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and natural. PLUS IT’S BEEN Voted “Best Day Cream” by the editors of Natural Solutions Magazine in their annual “Beauty With a Conscience” Awards”!

When I want more prominent cheekbones, I grab a bronzer! Perhaps you’d like to create the illusion of a thinner face or a straighter nose. The Ecco Bella Flower Color Bronzing Powderis perfect for creating such illusions.

“FlowerColor Bronzing Powder is a silky formula of flower-wax infused minerals fortified with aloe, vitamin E, and green tea.

A year-round way to get that sun-kissed glow without the sun’s harmful damage. This bronzer comes in our beautiful, recyclable Paperback Compact with mirror and puff. Not sold as refills. Gluten-free. Talc-free. Preservative-free. Fragrance-free. Vegan. For sensitive-skin. “


Free Hearos ear plugs at 11AM

Free Hearos ear plugs at 11AM

Every day at 11AM eastern they have 1000 samples available if you didn’t get these before.

  • Get one free ear plug sample per U.S. residence
  • Pick from Original HEAROS, Xtreme HEAROS or Sleep Pretty In Pink

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Royale Limited Edition Slim Line Professional Ceramic 1″ Hair Straightener Iron – Heats Up in 20 Seconds! (Choice of 4 Styles)

Condition: New
Packaging: Retail Carry Case
Warranty: 5 Year Unconditional Manufacturer
Brand: Royale
Model: Slim Line

Product Features:
•    Heats to 392°F in 20 seconds
•    Ultra smooth titanium plates
•    Slim and lightweight
•    For all types of styling: wave, flick, curl, straighten
•    Negative Ion technology eliminates static
•    Nano Silver Technology allows you to style and clean hair at same time
•    Humidity safe for frizz control
•    Unique Heat Expansion plate technology
•    Dual voltage: 110-220V
•    Designed for all hair types
•    3m power cord

What You Get:
•    Royale Limited Edition Slim Line Hair Straightener Iron (Choice of Pearl, Silver, Light Tattoo, Dark Tattoo)

Royale Limited Edition Slim Line Professional Hair Straightener Iron

Greenchild Creations has everything from handmade soaps, cloth diapers and crafty things.

Anne Hoelz make all of her products by hand. Her fun personality shows in everything she makes and is made in her very own kitchen!

Anne makes a huge variety of different soaps. I love the fact that all of Anne’s products are made of natural ingredients. Her soaps and lotions are made with 100% natural vegan ingredients.

I recently had the chance to review one of Anne’s soaps. I absolutely love the smell. Everything about the bar was perfect. The color of the soap was dark pink and had a light pink heart in the center. I loved how the bar left my skin clean and moisturized and not feeling dried out or a filmy feeling. The scent of the bar was amazing and smelt like candy though I still can’t figure out which one.

Anne also makes adorable Cloth Diapers. Her cloth diapers are cute and sure to look amazing on your little one’s bottom. The diapers are made of all natural materials as well, such as cotton and bamboo.

You can purchase Greenchild Creations products from Anne’s shop on Etsy. Be sure to visit Greenchild Creations on Facebook to stay up to date with news and specials.

(I received one bar of soap from the sponsor to write my review. My opinions stated are my own truthful opinions and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting a free product.)

Guest Post by Dr. Carol Ummel Lindquist

Dr, Carol Ummel Lindquist is a clinical psychologist, marriage counselor and author of the book Happily Married With Kids: It’s Not a Fairy Tale.

Remember Each Other Frequently Keep symbols around the house, in the car, and at work that remind you of each other. Pictures are great. People also use jewelry, crosses, stones from their hikes, framed children’s art at work … or any delightfully creative items!  Use those symbols to remind you to express happiness and gratitude to each other …  regularly.  

Adding Renewed Spark A year or two after pregnancy and birth, most couples gradually discover that their marriage needs new spark. Romantic weekends are obviously best when both of you are excited about the place to go and about each other. No matter what your budget, you need to carve out time without the children to reestablish your sexual relationship. Hint to Dad: Almost any gesture that is complimentary or helpful toward the baby, the mom, or the housework is romantic to a new mom.  Another person said it more succinctly: Changing a dirty diaper automatically translates to: Honey, you are HOT!

Tell Them You Love Them – Every Day Find fun and different ways to tell your partner you love them every day. Talk together about what a good couple relationship means to each of you and about what time and other commitments you each need to make to fulfill your dream. Snuggle in bed for twenty minutes after the alarm goes off, or have a cup of coffee or tea together after dinner, or always talk before or after a late night show.  Call each other at lunch.

Tell Them You’re Proud of Them Tell your partner often that you are proud of them. Spend an uninterrupted twenty minutes each day engaged in face-to-face talking (maybe cuddling) and, most important, listening to anything the other wants to say. Yes, when you are desperate, you can break it into two ten-minute chunks. J

Celebrate Your Marriage Celebrate your marriage as much as your kids. Celebrate what you have and do not focus on what you do not have. Include compliments to your partner and good news about your kids and your day in every sharing session.

Instituting agreed-upon dates and rituals, times for talk, sex, and cuddling are all activities that soon begin to change feelings of abandonment and erosion of love that can occur in any marriage. These pleasant routines also eliminate a withdrawer’s guilt that they aren’t doing enough and the sense of oppression that nothing would ever be enough.

Deeper Intimacy Deeper intimacy comes not from what we share by having children, but from how we resolve the many new conflicts and changes that children bring to our relationship. How parents deal with the mixed blessings of children determines who will survive as a couple. The violated expectations, the conflict, the frustration and the anger all become your own personal workshop for developing the relationship, bringing new opportunities for laughter, insight, and intimacy.

Accept What You Cannot Change Every marriage is filled with unresolvable differences. Sometimes it is the thermostat wars or differences about who sleeps with the window open and who sleeps with the window closed. “I love loud rock music!” versus “That hurts my ears!” Most of these issues can be settled with creative compromise, like earplugs or headphones or an extra blanket. The compromises are easier if you show concern for your partner. “Well I don’t want your tender ears to hurt, but I need some time to unwind to music. How can we work this out?”

Learn to Talk About Difficult Things Make happy comments regularly. The greatest thing you can do to take care of your marriage is learn to talk about difficult things in a way that doesn’t hurt you or your partner. Then build on that by learning to persuade each other in ways that allow you to experiment and try new activities together. Learning this one thing opens the door to a long and happy marriage.

It’s All In My Book What could be more important than creating an enduring, healthy relationship that your children will carry on to future generations? Good marriage habits make a protective shield around the family so that they can weather change and differences with as little stress as possible and spend more time enjoying one another. The formula for taking care of your marriage is fairly simple. The execution when you have young children, however, is difficult.

Order Your Copy of Happily Married With Kids The book is available as a paperback or as an eBook. 


Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt Review and Giveaway

Did you know that February is National Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month? I didn’t and I am excited to share with you the news that Yoplait has announced its new Yoplait® Lactose Free yogurt. Yoplait  Lactose Free is available in four delicious flavors, Strawberry, Peach, French Vanilla and Cherry. Yoplait Lactose Free contains 50% of the recommended Daily Value of calcium, with vitamins A and D in every cup.

Lactose Free contains no artificial sweeteners and can be used in some of your favorite recipes. I was super excited to try  Cherries With Cherry Vanilla Yogurt. Instead of using Yoplait Light Fat Free cherry vanilla yogurt I used Yoplait Lactose Free Cherry Yogurt. It was the perfect before bedtime snack. I also changed different flavors and fruits.

I took 1/2 cup stemmed and sliced strawberries and put them in the bottom of my dish. I then took Yoplait Lactose Free Strawberry yogurt and spooned it on top of the strawberries and topped it with grated dark chocolate. The combinations are endless! I look forward to using Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurts in many of my other favorite recipes.

I really couldn’t tell a difference in taste between regular Yoplait Yogurt and the Lactose free yogurt. Both are very creamy and still my favorite yogurt brand. I bought all four of the flavors and Cherry was my favorite but the kids are standing firm that their favorite is Strawberry and Peach.

Be one of the first to try new Yoplait Lactose Free. Click here to enjoy a coupon for $0.30 off Yoplait Lactose Free.

You can learn more about Lactose Intolerance and How to tell if you are Lactose Intolerant by visiting Everyday Health.


One (1) Lucky winner will win an amazing Yoplait Yogurt Prize Pack that includes the following:

  • A VIP coupon to purchase Yoplait Lactose Free yogurt

  • Lunch tote

  • 2 Gel packs

  • Individual bowl

  • Spoon

“Disclosure:  Prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided byYoplait through MyBlogSpark.”

*The coupon offer for Yoplait Lactose Free yogurt is not valid in some states, including Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

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