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Dale and Thomas Mother’s Day Popcorn Giveaway

Mommy and Baby Reviews and Giveaways and Dale and Thomas Popcorn is bringing our readers the chance to win the Perfect Mother’s Day Giveaway! One winner will win Dale and Thomas’ Mother’s Day Gift Box!!!

Mother’s Day Gift Box Contents
Dale and Thomas’ Gift Boxes have four footlong bags of gourmet popcorn.
Each bag serves 2-4 people. All of our popcorn is gluten free and kosher OU-D.

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Spongeables Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer Review

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Spongeables® Pedi-Scrub is a foot buffer and soap in one. On one side is soft and gentle, infused with soap and aromatic botanicals to leave feet clean, fresh and sweet smelling. But the other side is where the action is. Spongeables are made to buff away dry, rough skin on heels and soles, shine up the toenails, and exfoliate dry skin. Pedi-Scrub’s scrubby-texture provides a stimulating massage that revives tired feet and leaves them tingling.

I tried the Lavender and Tea Tress oil and it smelt amazing. Being on my feet all day, it is a nice treat to come home and use Spongeables Pedi Scrub on my sore, tired feet.

Spongeables Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer is available intwo appealing fragrance choices, aromatic Lavender & Tea Tree Oil  or revitalizing Citron-Eucalyptus. Both provide a touch of aromatherapy rejuvenation, leaving a hint of clean, herbal freshness on the skin. Pedi-Scrubs are available at drug, discount and chain stores around the world (MSR $6.99) or visit their website.

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Birthday Chronicle Review

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A personalized (8 1/2 x 11) mini-newspaper front page, going back as far as January 1, 1900  up to December 31, 2011.  Your Birthday Chronicle includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the year of your birth.

You will enjoy reading your Birthday Chronicle over and over again.  Always a conversational piece with groups young and old … you will be able to read and reminisce about the academy award winners and the top music hits and songs from the year of your birth.

Great gift idea for a birthday, a party or just to hang in any room.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Qwik Shower Review

QwikShower: The easy, green and affordable solution to Stinky Kids

QwikShower gym class wipes are large, thick and cloth like (10” x 12”) moist, single-use disposable towels. They even have a scent that teenagers like. Unlike popular body sprays such as Axe, QwikShower wipes are non-aerosol—so there are no fluorocarbon emissions. That also means the scent won’t invade everyone else’s personal space or overwhelm a locker room.

QwikShower is super affordable and perfect to keep in your bag. You can purchase QwikShower wipes everywhere and they’re super cheap.  You can purchase them from their website for the following prices and receive free shipping!!

Purchase 1 – 9 for $1.oo each

Purchase 10 for $7.00

Purchase 50 for $29.00

Purchase 100 for $49.00

Still not sure if Quikshower is for you and your kids? Get a sample for only $1.00 shipping included. That’s less than your first cup of coffee in the morning.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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The MoH Band is a fashionable USB Wristband. It allows users to carry all their digital files wherever they go. The MoH Band is Portable, Convenient, and Stylish.

The Moh Bands come in several stylish colors.  Perfect for anyone on the go who needs to carry their digital files wherever they go. Perfect for students!

The first thing I uploaded to my MOH Band was my children’s favorite movies. It’s easy and convenient for me to keep in my purse and always have it with me. I can plug it in any USB and they are ready to watch their movies. Its perfect for the DVD player in the car on long trips.

You can get more information about Memory on Hand USB Wristband by visiting them online at their website and on Facebook.

(I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.)

It’s Wednesday again, We all know what that means. It’s Hump Day PayPal Wednesday!!! $25 goes to the winner via PayPal!

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Welcome to the Ultimate Movie Lover’s Giveaway! We wanted to help you put together the best family movie night for you and your family! So we put together another amazing giveaway, that includes everything you need for your night in. From movies to popcorn and candy you will have everything you need for a great Movie Night.

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Tig Tagz Review

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As a mom I have to say that Tig Tagz ID bracelets are one of the best products out there today! Any parent knows how fast kids hide or worse what that panic in your heart feels like when you think your child is missing.

TigTagz ID bracelets are perfect for everyday you go out and there is a possibility that you and your child could get separated.  They are perfect for times when you are not with your child such as class trips, when the child is with a friend or relative. They come in really cute styles for boys and girls. Tig Tagz are waterproof, sweat proof and tear proof. Which make them near to impossible for your kids to remove. They only way for Tig Tagz to be removed is with scissors.  When you  put a Tig Tagz ID bracelet on your little one, you are making sure that if you and your child become separated that your vital contact information will be with them. You can even have your Tig Tagz personalized for you, as well as add a medical alert! TigTagz are available in sets of 12 for just $10.00 and can be purchased directly from the TigTagz site.

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Today I wanted to take a break from my normal posts. This isn’t one of my giveaways or reviews, but a post on a topic that needs more exposure. It’s Drunk Driving. I am going to share something that has been passed around the internet probably more times than can be imagined. I can not bring myself to post the picture that is being shared with it because it was just to heartbreaking.

My reason for sharing this isn’t because of a personal experience with Drunk Driving but because I am a parent and a human being. Too many times people take life for granted and are selfish in the choices they make. Rarely, do they think how are my actions going to effect others. Is my one moment of thinking I am sober enough to drive going to decide the fate of someone else?

Before you have the drink and decide to take that chance read this article. Remember that the choices you make don’t just effect yourself but the lives of people you may never meet. Take responsibility and remember that a drink just isn’t worth it if you have to drive. Maybe print and carry this article with you in case you need a reminder when you are showing your ID to make that purchase or have that drink. OK enough from me. I warn you that you may need tissues. I am off to hug my kids and be thankful for what I have.


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