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ZhuZhu Babies Review

ZhuZhu pets have done it again with winning over my kids! This is the third time! We all remember when ZhuZhu pets were the latest craze. I searched everywhere for even just one of those little buggers for my daughter. Well they have stolen her heart again. What is cuter than a little hamster without having to feed or clean up with it but all the fun of playing with it? ZhuZhu Babies! These are the cutest little things. I even found myself playing with them. There aren’t just hamsters either!

Each of the babies have their own Unique name, tiny little birthmark, biography and collector’s number. The only think missing is your little one to give them a personality! So, Lets meet some of the new additions:

Hutch – Birthday 12/17 – And the best part is that those are ONLY A FEW of all the new additions! What would babies be without their own Nursery. That right ZhuZhu Babies have their own line of accessories as well as Playsets!

My daughters couldn’t wait to rip open the packages and start playing with their “babies”. With all of the  ZhuZhu Babies provided the kids with hours of continuous hands on fun. My daughter even requested to have a back to school ZhuZhu Babies party with her friends and they had a ball! I love how colorful and unique ZhuZhu Babies are! There will definitely be ZhuZhu Babies and play sets on our holiday gift list this year and on my Top Toys for 2011!

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(I am a member of Mom’s Select panel and ZhuZhu babies were provided to me by Mom’s Selectt! I was asked to review the product and give my honest opinion. I did not in anyway receive any monetary reward for my review. I only received the products I review free of charge.)

Coffee Talk Game Review

CoffeeTalk Game

We recently had a get together with our family and introduced them to Coffee Talk! The game is easy to get the hang of and is great for hours of fun. The basic idea of the game is write down everything that comes to mind when you hear a word. All doubles are dismissed, each original word gets one point.Its fun to hear everyones answers and the laughs they caused. The person who gets 30 points first wins! The more players the more fun. We kept finding ourselves playing game after game, it was so much fun! It is the perfect game to give for presents and a must for all coffee lovers!


The perfect blend of fast fun and interacting with opponents. Turn over a “Topic Card” and then everyone has 45 seconds to write down whatever they can think of about in relation to the topic; topics range from New York City to Jay Leno to Google to Las Vegas. When time is up, players move their coffee beans up their respective containers (boards) based on the number of original ideas they had. Want to change a topic? “Cream it” and move on. Want the other players to accept your offbeat answers? Sweeten them up with a “Sugar Packet”… and you score. It is a latte of fun in a striking coffee bag package. For 2 or more players, ages teen to adult. Ideal for game nights!

What comes in the bag:

Contents: 300 topics, 10 Instant Coffee Cards, 12 Sugar Packets, 12 Creamer Packets, 6 Coffee Beans, 6 Individual Coffee Cup Scoring Boards, 6 Score Pads and a 45 second Sand Timer.

© 2011, Richard C. Levy and Gary Carlin, used with permission by Pressman Toys.

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Don’t forget to check out all the wonderful Coffee that RoastE has to offer as well!!


(I received one game from for free for my review. My review and opinion of the game are my own and my own alone. I was did not receive any monetary compensation for my review.)

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