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Too Many Toys???

Every year Christmas brings joy and happiness to our home. It also brings an over abundance of toys when added to the ones you already have usually leaving little space for the little ones to enjoy their new toys. So we explained to the kids that in order for “Santa” to bring them new toys that they needed to make room for them. At first the kids weren’t thrilled with the idea of getting rid of their toys but we explained to them that at the end they would be proud of helping others. We started with 5 boxes. We started by writing Broken, Donate, Missing pieces, Outgrown and Favorite on the boxes. This helped us as we went along to stay focused and organized. We went through the toys and started by throwing away any toys that had gotten broken through out the year and were unable to be played with or used for other projects. As we went along anytime they found one of their toys that they constantly play with they got to put it in their Favorite box. Then we moved on to any toys that were missing pieces. Usually even if toys are missing pieces they can be used for other things such as arts and crafts, school projects or sometimes someone has the pieces that are missing and are looking for them. Next we go through any toys that the kids have outgrown. These got into the box but are only there for a little while until we go through them again to see what toys can be put away until younger siblings can enjoy them or if there is no younger sibling we put them in our Donate box. Preschools and Day cares  can give your kids toys that they have outgrown a great new home and will be enjoyed by many other children. There are many resources out there today such as and that allow you to post your “unwanted” items. Many times our kids outgrown their toys before they even look used. There are a lot of kids who would love and appreciate to get second-hand toys for presents and give new homes to out grown toys. When all of the toys are gone through we let the kids know how proud we are of them. And explain to them that Santa will be doing a toy pick up on December 1st. All of the toys that the kids are donating are left out at night for “Santa” to come pick up and drop off for other kids to enjoy on Christmas. The kids feel like special Santa elves and their favorite part is knowing that they will be putting smiles on other kids faces on Christmas.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Get some really cool pumpkin carving patterns. October is coming up and so are pumpkins. Make sure yours are the coolest on the block!

Pumpkin carving is a great time to exercise your creativity. This site,
is a helpful resource for people
who love to decorate.

We all know that Halloween Costumes can get expensive and most of the time are only used once. Here is a fun way to have a “Greener” Halloween and get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Host a Pre-Halloween Costume Swap Party Get your friends together to swap old costumes, accessories, and share ideas on homemade costumes. This is great for groups or playgroups.

  • Pick a date early in October. Try for 3-4 weeks before Halloween. This gives enough time if costumes need adjustments or if you are making a homemade costume enough time to be ready.
  • Set a place. Pick a place that has room and be sure to have lots of mirrors! everyone will want to see how they look. Don’t forget to ask your PTO to be involved. They love to help and organize projects and save parents money!
  • Don’t forget the invitations! If your party is for kids and you have a playgroup get them involved! Kids love being hands on especially with craft projects.

Day of your Party:

  • Take pictures. This is a great way to see before and after transformations.
  • Have everyone make their favorite Halloween Treat! This will also help with ideas for everyone’s menu for their Halloween Parties. Have them write the recipe down to share with others.
  • Play your favorite spooky Halloween music. Or for younger kids your their favorite funny Halloween music.
  • Have everyone bring their old costumes and/or accessories that no longer fit of have. Exchange costumes for a “New” costume that fits. Make sure everyone tries on their costume to make sure it is a perfect fit, plus you can help each other with ideas on how to perfect costumes.
Don’t forget to meet up on Halloween so everyone can see your finished master pieces!

Still have costumes that don’t fit or have no use, donate them to your local schools or daycare centers! They use them for props or dress up bins! Or you can reuse them when decorating your house for Halloween decorations.

Fun Ways to Cover Your Kids Books and Help Save the Planet 

It’s that time of year when the kids come home with tons of books that need to be covered! This is a great project to do together and will let them personalize their books and show off their personality! You will need a few materials:

Paper Grocery Bag




Markers or Crayons

Pictures or your favorite snack wrappers

Old magazines

1. Cut open the bag and remove the bottom, so the bag looks like a large rectangular sheet of paper.

2. Place your book in the center of the paper.

3. Fold the top of the paper down over the book and make a crease.

4. Fold the bottom of the paper up over the book and make a crease.

5. Remove the book.

6. Fold along the creases, so you have a strip of paper the height of the book.

7. Place the book back on the center of the paper, on top of the folded paper.

8. Fold the left side of the paper over the front of the book and make the left and right ends of the paper even.

9. Fold the overlap over the front cover of the book. Slide the cover into the slot the paper folds have made. Repeat for back cover.

10. If it fits snugly, you’re done! If it’s a little loose, trim it down so it fits or tighten it with a few pieces of tape.

Let your kids personalize their newly covered book with their own drawings, stickers, magazine cutouts (a fun way to recycle old magazines you are done reading) their favorite snack or food wrappers. You can even let them decorate it with their favorite Summer vacation pitures!

Free Lesson Plans for Teacher about Recycling and Saving the Environment

Marcal® has been making paper from recycled paper since 1950. To help teach others about the importance of recycling and saving the environment, they have developed four free lesson plans that teachers can use to educate and inspire their students to take an active role in living a sustainable life. These lessons help teachers and students learn how they can be partners in helping to preserve and protect the environment. They have developed four age appropriate lesson plans that can be used for elementary, middle and high school students.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Recipe for Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

1 cup Washing soda

1 cup Borax

½ cup salt

½ cup citric acid

Mix together and store tightly covered in a Mason Jar. Use one tablespoon per load. Add vinegar to the rinse dispenser for the best results.

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