My husband has smoked for the last 18 or so years. He has tried to quit several times and has never been able to kick the butt. His coworkers smoke and there is a lot of downtime where they have nothing to do.  So the opportunity or desire demon was frequently present. The topic of quitting came up again recently so we got the patches and he tried them. He tried taking them during the day which helped with the cravings but not so much with the habit. He then tried the patches at night and he couldn’t sleep which actually made him want to smoke more. The habit and routine of having a cigarette in the morning or after meals. I think the habit is harder to break then the cravings, but I honestly don’t know. Today he decided that he would smoke his last cigarette from the pack he had and put a patch on rather than run to the store to get another pack. This was 4 hours ago and he still hasn’t had a cigarette or had an urge bad enough to where he wanted to go buy cigarettes. Which is good because cigarettes in NY state are expensive!!! So I have decided to write about his progress because I know there are others out there who are going through the same thing. They either want to quit but don’t have the support or someone who has a loved one who is trying to quit and needs somewhere to turn. Feel free to comment below.