I absolutely love kids and if I could I would have many more! Today I had the pleasure of  baby sitting my 15 month old niece, Samantha. Let me tell you what a ball it was. I also remember things that it is “impossible” to do with babies! Keeping socks on their feet is impossible. And trust me those cold feet are sure to find your warm body and send you into shock. It’s a battle I gave up after 10 times of playing put on take off.  And you can bet we played that game with the diaper too! We resorted to the comfy footsie jammies! These were sure to keep the diaper on and feet warm! No matter how hard you baby proof your house they will find that one thing that you missed. Babies always find the littlest thing funny and it will keep them laughing for a long period of time! Something as little her sneezing kept her laughing for a good 20 minutes! Of course it wasn’t just a sneeze. The sneeze was just the start of a chain of events. Her sneeze which was one of those little cute baby sneezes caused smiles but then started the giggling. Apparently, giggling leads to a hiccup which leads to more giggling which causes another hiccup. Can you see where I am going with this? Exactly Laughing! And this kept her and myself entertained for a good twenty minutes!  This little girls knows what she wants and will tell you from being hungry to taking her nap. I thought nap time would be interesting and that she would put up a fight so imagine my surprise when she took me to her stroller and wanted in. All snug in her stroller with her snuggie she started singing, so I started to sing Rock-a-Bye-Baby and in less than 5 minutes she was out! I remember fighting to get my youngest daughter (now 31 months) to take her nap! She did everything possible to avoid nap time. Unless she was with Grammy and then forget it she was a perfect angel and went right to sleep. But that is the magic of the “Grammy” Kids don’t need 1000’s of different toys. They are going to pick one or two toys that will be their favorite. Let me warn you these are going to be the loudest, most annoying toys possible. And it will be their favorite toy for that reason until they get older and notice how much it drives you crazy hearing the same saying over and over and over again. It will then become their choice of torture to drive you out of your mind. This goes the same for their favorite show or movie that they need to watch over and over again until they either wear the tape/dvd out or it magically grows legs and goes for a walk and gets lost. My mom used to tell me that my sister would watch The Night They Saved Christmas everyday, all year long. My parents taped it for her while on tv around Christmas time. Back when VHS were cool, before dvds or Tivo was even thought of being invented, so you know the commercials were recorded as well. One HOT day in July or August my sister is of course watching her favorite VHS when the breaking news section of a Blizzard hitting the TriState area. My mom only hearing parts of the segment mostly the Blizzard and TriState area not realizing that it was the tape and did the whole double take what the heck thing, Snow in the Summer. She then realized it was indeed the tape and that it was time for it to get lost. At the time I thought it was the funniest thing, Now as a mom myself its NOT so funny. Kids are miracles and will keep us occupied and drive us crazy for years….GUARENTEED!