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I love and prefer all natural products over all those nasty chemical filled products that in the end have no healthy benefits but harmful. Shea Moisture is one of my favorite brands right now. The carry a full line of All-Natural remedies. Including face, hair, bath, body, baby and more! The recipes that Shea Moisture use have been carried down through several generations. She Moisture DOES NOT participate in any form of animal testing and all of their products are tested by their families and close friends.
Shea Moisture was founded in 1912 by Sofi Tucker. By age 19, Sofi Tucker was a widowed mother of four selling her homemade hair and skin care products all over the countryside With ever purchase of Shea Moisture a donation is made to empower disadvantaged women realize a bright, healthier future.

Recently, I was sent a bar of Organic Red Bush & Sage Shea Butter Soap with Egyptian Musk. It comes in a nice 8 ounce size bar and is certified organic. I get very dry skin in the winter and have tried several different lotions and remedies to soothe. I was excited when I read about how the soap helps detox and heal your skin. I couldn’t wait to see if I finally found a product that would help. When I first open the bar it had a very light clean scent, that I love! When I used the soap for the first time I fell in love. There was no filmy residue left on my skin, no drying out effect like most soaps do and didn’t leave any over powering fragrance either. And best of all my skin felt amazing and wasn’t as dry or itchy from the dry winter months!

You can find Shea Moisture products at your local Walmart, Target, Duane Reade and Walgreens stores, as well as these store websites. Be sure to “Like” Shea Moisture on Facebook to be aware of news and new product releases.

I am very picky about lip balm and lip protectant. I can’t stand when I put on lip balm and my lips feel waxy or greasy. It is very hard for me to find a lip balm that I like. When I got My Lip Stuff Lip Balm in the mail I was excited to try it. I got three differents flavors Blue Raspberry, Lemon Drop Cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream. All three flavors are great. Vanilla Ice Cream is my favorite. They go on very smoothly and don’t leave my lips feeling greasy or waxy. You can feel that it is absorbed into your lips so there is no need to keep reapplying. After using My Lip Stuff Lip Balm my lips feel significantly smoother and softer.

My Lip Stuff is a homemade, natural lipbalm made from only the finest natural butters, oils, & beeswax. They are available in over 500 flavors including about 100 Limited Edition Halloween Flavors. My Lip Stuff lip balms and skin products are Skin, Earth and Animal Friendly. They NEVER test their products on animals and are sure to only use ingredient that are skin and earth friendly.

My Lip Stuff also carries a large line of Body Butters, Bath Salts, Linen Sprays and more. My Lip Stuff products can be customized or personalized as well. They are perfect favors for weddings, showers and parties. Plus with the full line of Halloween Flavor Lip Balms they would be perfect for Trick or Treaters. And  don’t forget to order some extras for Stocking stuffers!

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(I received three Lip Balms to write my review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation to write my review.)


Angelic - Glycerin Soap

Bath House Soap Review

Bath House Soaps are treasures of handcrafted designs. Ever bar is handmade and is unique. Bath House Soaps are affordable and make the perfect gift for anyone especially yourself! Every bar is a generous five and three quarter ounces – six plus ounces. Each bar soothes and moisturizes your skin with the rich lather of glycerin soap. Recently I had the opportunity to try 3 Bath House Soap. While choosing just three was very difficult with the huge selection they offer I decided to try Herbal Essence Glycerin Soap with Shea Butter, Love Spell Glycerin Soap with Goat Milk and one of their Halloween Pumpkin Limited Edition soaps.

I could not believe how much the Herbal Essence Glycerin Soap with Shea Butter smells so much like the shampoo! You can smell the lime, jasmine and grapefruit right through the wrapper. The bar is so colorful with ribbons of pink, yellow and green. My skin tends to get dry but the shea butter left my skin soft and smooth. Herbal Essence Glycerin Soap leave a fresh clean fruity scent but does not leave a film on your skin.
Next, I tried the Love Spell Glycerin Soap with Goat Milk. I love Victoria’s Secrets Love Spell scent so much that I was curious just how close Bath House Soaps could get to making a soap that smelt like one of my favorite perfumes. I was shocked! I actually thought that I was using Love Spell! The scent is identically to the original. I love the fact that this soap has Goat Milk in it. Most people don’t know how beneficial Goat Milk is for our skin. Goat milk soap contains vitamins A and D which helps strengthen the skin. The Love Spell Glycerin Soap was extremely colorful with different shapes and colors of dark green, purple and blue.
The last soap I tried was the Halloween Pumpkin Limited Edition Glycerin Soap. I didn’t want to use this soap because it came wrapped so pretty and the scent was amazing! Instead I used it as a decoration in my bathroom and it ended up being a perfect air freshener. It smelt just like a Pumpkin Spice Pie!! The smell was strong enough to use as a air freshener but not over powering to where it caused a headache.
The last item that I tried was the Black Raspberry Lotion. All Bath House Soaps Lotions are high in vitamins protein and triglycerides. Bath House Soaps are made with goat milk, honey and shea butter with each bringing something special and healthy for your skin. After using my Black Raspberry Lotion my skin was left feeling powdery and smooth not oily and greasy like some lotions do. I love the fact that you are able to get Bath House Soaps Lotions in your favorite soap scent so you can pair them up and layer them.

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