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Meet Britt Menzies Saturday

Meet Britt Menzies Saturday

Just who is Britt Menzies? Well, Britt Menzies is an author and the founder, creator and spirit behind StinkyKids. Britt is a mom, wife, award winning author and artist with a flair for originality. A graduate of Florida State University, Britt is a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. Inspired by her own little stinKers, Britt is constantly evolving StinkyKids to inspire kids to “Always Be a Leader of Good.”Britt Menzies will be at Funky Monkey, Wheatley Plaza Greenvale this Saturday from 11am to 1pm for a StinkyKids storytime, coloring contest and book and doll signing.

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Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale, NY 11548

(516) 484-0966

Instead® Softcup™ are a must have Feminine care product! I used to swear by Tampons until I was recently sent a box of Instead® Softcup® disposable menstrual cups to try. At first I was a little skeptical and uncomfortable not knowing what to expect. After reading the enclosed information and getting a little lesson. I felt a little more comfortable and excited to try them. I thought inserting one of the Softcups were going to be a little harder than it actually was. It was just like inserting a tampon without an applicator. (You can see the instructions by following the link http://www.softcup.com/content/instructions.) After the Softcup is in place you don’t feel it and it is very easy to forget you are wearing it and go on with your regular activities. Softcup can be worn for up to 12 hours and during any activities like sports and sexual activity.When changing the cups the first few times you might experience slight spillage until you get used to it. I found that wearing a panty liner helped protect until I got the hang of it, which was only one or two changes. Instead® Softcup™ have definitely change my mind about using tampons.

Instead Softcup are FDA approved and are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and latex free. Softcup have been used for more than 10 years and have sold over 100 million cups and have never had a reported case of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) unlike with tampons. Softcups are safe, comfortable, and easy to use. “Instead Softcup’s mission is to provide women with a convenient, healthy and comfortable alternative in feminine hygiene.”

Instead® Softcup™ are available in the following size boxes:

Instead® Softcup® 6ct
Instead® Softcup® 14ct
Instead® Softcup® 24ct
You can purchase a Sample Pack for $2.50

For more information on Instead® Softcup™disposable menstrual cups please visit their website at:
Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter at:


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(Instead® Softcup™disposable menstrual cups were provided to me to try and review. I in no way was paid for nor did I receive a reward for giving my review.)

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