Early Warning EW-202 Radar & Laser Detector With 22 Frequency Detection, 360-Degree Laser Protection & More


Condition: NEW
Retail Packaging
1-Year Warranty
Manufacturer: Early Warning
Model: EW-202

Features Include:

  • 22 frequency, long-range protection
  • Quick signal detection
  • Dependable and accurate
  • Intelligent muting minimizes false audio alerts
  • Immune to radar detector detection units: VG-2, Spectre I/II/III and Spectre IV
  • Ku frequency protection
  • POP mode radar gun detection, Ku band detection
  • VG-2 alert, Spectre I-IV alert, Strobe alert, safety alert
  • Detects emergency vehicles using safety alert transmission
  • 360-degree laser protection
  • City/Highway selector
  • Dim mode
  • Easy set programming menu
  • Auto power shutoff with built-in memory
  • Detects 11 radar, 9 laser and 2 safety alert system frequencies
  • Frequencies: 10.525 GHz (X  Radar Gun Detection), 24.150 GHz (K  Radar Gun Detection), 33.400 GHz, 33.800 GHz, 34.300 GHz, 34.700 GHz, 34.940 GHz, 35.500 GHz, 36.000 GHz (Ka Radar Gun Detection), 13.450 GHz (Ku Radar Gun Detection), POP Mode (POP Radar Gun Detection), Ultra Lyte (Laser), ProLaser II (Laser), ProLaser III (Laser), Stalker LIDAR (Laser), SpeedLaser (Laser), ProLite (Laser), ProLite Plus (Laser), TrueSpeed (Laser), Marksman (Laser), Spectre I-IV, VG-2, Safety Alert Detection, Safety Warning System Detection

Package Includes:
EW-202, Windshield Mount, Velcro Fastener, Power Cord, Owner’s Manual

*It’s important to know your local and state laws pertaining to radar detectors before you buy. Many areas have strict enforcement of their anti-detector laws with stiff penalties for their use. Not only is the fine for illegal detector use more costly than a speeding ticket, police can and will confiscate your detector, too – a nasty double whammy.

Note: It is ultimately the responsibility of you, the radar detector owner, to know the laws in your area regarding the legality of the use of radar and laser detectors so be sure to check out your area’s laws before buying.

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