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Better Made Snacks Review

Better Made Snack Foods was founded in 1930 by the late Peter Cipriano and the late Cross Moceri. They took great pride in making sure that only the greatest ingredients were used in production. Better Made Chips productions originally was   simple. They used burlap bagged select potatoes that were cooked in the best oil , then weighed and hand packed into crude greaseless bags. While production this way worked when they started over 80 years ago, they have since changed production to meet the needs of their consumers. Better Made Potato Chips still the greatest ingredients, uses all natural resources and are sure not to be touched by human hands from the time the potatoes leave the farm until you open your bag and take your first bite.

Recently we had the opportunity to review Better Made Snacks Sampler Gift Box. Their Sampler Gift Box includes a total of 15 bags of 15 different Better Made Snack flavors! This box was perfect and had something for everyone! 9 of the flavors were 2.5 oz and the other 6 flavors were .875-1.25 oz bags.
9 / 2.5 oz bags of:



Dill Pickle Wavy

No Salt


Sweet BBQ

Red Hot BBQ

Salt & Vinegar

Sour Cream & Onion Waves

Green Onion

6 / .875-1.25 oz bags of:

White Cheddar Popcorn

Cheese Popcorn

Baked Cheese Puffs

Shoe String Sticks

Hot Cheese Crunchy

Of course the kids claimed the popcorn and cheese puffs before they even had the chance. Better Made Snacks offer a great variety of flavors and I would have to say that it was hard for me to choose just one favorite. Every bag of Better Made Snacks was just as fresh as the other. The chips didn’t taste like they sat in oil for a long period of time and didn’t taste like you were biting into oil soaked potatoes. These definitely are Better Made Chips.

Better Made Snacks Supports Our Troops! If you have friends or family or just want to send a care package to any branch of military such as The Army, The Marine Corps, The Navy, The Air Force or Coast Guard, you can order any of Better Made products online and Better Made Snacks will ship them via USPS to all AFOs, APOs & Military Bases.
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(Our Mommy and Me, Mommy to Be group were provided with a Better Made Sampler Gift Box for free to review. We in no way received any monetary compensation for our review and our opinions are our own and not influenced by the sponsor.)

Kathleen’s Blog Spot is going to be adopting a Military base For Coupons for Troops overseas! They can use coupons that are EXPIRED (only overseas military base commissaries accept expired manufacturers coupons up to six months past the printed expiration dates.) or that we aren’t going to use and just throw away. These bundles of coupons are placed on tables or handed out for use by military members and families on base. If anyone is interested in participating along with us please email us (kathleensblogspot@gmail.com) for details and information. You can mail them to me and I will send them out along with the others that I collect or You can mail them directly to the base. (The best way to send them is Parcel Post which can be a little more money.) I would like to adopt 2 bases depending on how many well we do and possible Christmas care at Christmas.

If anyone is interested in participating along with us please email us (kathleensblogspot@gmail.com) for details and information. Please put “Coupons for the Troops” as your subject.

This is not a tax deductible charity. This is a patriotic charity. It is a little way for us to show our support and help military families overseas save money and stretch their funds.

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