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Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit Review

Did you know that make up expires? Airborne bacteria can cause certain ingredients in your make-up to oxidize and degrade. That mascara was designed with a shelf life of up to 90 days. Airborne contaminants can oxidize contents and easily irritate your eyes allowing bacteria to grow and spread, risking infection. Have you ever thought about if it’s on your lips that it is actually in your body? Germs and bacteria easily live on our make up.

I am one of those girls who go to the store checks out the latest must haves in make up. Usually making a new purchase coming home and it end up in the make up bag (or box). I can’t tell you how many make up products I have that I don’t even remember when I purchased them. I didn’t know that make up even expires. There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products. There should be some information on the product packaging so you can refer to product manufacturer for proper storage and product life. 

Be sure your make-up is fresh and free from contamination. Once Opened has created a kit that is a must for any make up lover! It’s so easy to use! Once you open your favorite product date the label and stick it on. This allows you to know when you opened it and when you should throw it away.
What’s included in the kit?
24 Self-laminating labels in a pretty pink pouch, a super fine permanent marker, Life expectancy guide for beauty products. The Self-laminating labels protects the date from oils and water. Kits are so reasonable that you can buy a few and give them as gifts. To order your Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit visit:

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(I received a Once Opened Kit for free to write my review. My opinion of the kit was in no way effected by receiving a free kit. I received no monetary compensation for my review.)

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