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Hello from the author of “Raising Amazing Children (… While Having a Life of Your Own)” Deborah Drezon Carroll:
Our daughter’s wedding was a glorious event for us, as you might imagine. After it was over, though, one thing stuck in my mind. People, our friends and other guests whom we didn’t know, repeatedly came up to us and said, “Your daughters are amazing. What’s your secret?”
While that is a beautiful sentiment, and may even be true (if I do say so myself), I wondered: Are they really amazing? We have three daughters who are really just lovely people with good hearts and good souls. They weren’t exceptional students (they were good students for the most part) or outstanding athletes (they did try, though); they didn’t cure cancer in our basement, or discover the secret to solving the world hunger problem. They didn’t win scholarships or attend Ivy League colleges. They just were good kids (most of the time but certainly not without challenges along the way) who grew up to be teachers.
And that’s when I realized: maybe they are amazing.
If the goal of being a good parent is to do the job well enough for our kids to leave us someday and be happy people who are independent and live with integrity and decency, and if achieving that is amazing, maybe we were all amazing.
I thought about how we achieved such greatness. What was our parenting secret?
My husband and I had both been teachers early in our careers. We learned a great deal about how children develop. We learned strategies for facilitating growth in young people by treating them with respect, trust, faith, and high expectations. And, when we had our first child we got some very good advice.
The advice was to find ways to integrate our child into our lives rather than turning our lives completely upside down to integrate ourselves into our child’s life. In other words, we were advised to raise our kids while living life the way we loved it before our kids were born as much as possible. We were told to find ways to keep doing the things we loved so we could share them with our kids. And so we did. Whatever we did, we invited our kids to do it with us. From cleaning the house to traveling across the country on a camping trip (Yes, we did go on a cross country trip with three kids under the age of 5!), if it was something we did before we had kids, we did it with our kids. We tried not to give up any of the things that mattered to us before we became parents, we just found ways to incorporate our children into those activities.
As a result, our children learned life skills by experiencing life with us. They learned to love reading and writing as we do so they value education. They can do simple home repair, they all did their own laundry since they were very little, and each can negotiate a tight deal of any sort. They understand the value of work and the need to budget money as they watched us do both and learned by seeing our struggles and our successes. They learned compassion and caring for family, friends, and strangers as they lived both on a daily basis. In short, they learned how to live life by living it with us and witnessing the ins and outs of making a life work.
The simple tasks of everyday living provide parents with opportunities to teach children something of value each day. By inviting your kids to work alongside as you do things like shopping, housecleaning, gardening, cooking, home repair, traveling and more, you both win. You’ll save time as you’ll have helping hands to get the jobs done faster, your child will learn priceless life skills, and you’ll all have more time to enjoy life together.
By incorporating your kids into your life, you get to continue living a life that makes you happy. Happy parents raise happy children. Your kids will thank you for it… some day!
Raising Amazing Children (…While Having a Life of Your Own). The title sums up our parenting secret.
To learn more about Debby and her book, visit her website!

Meet Britt Menzies Saturday

Meet Britt Menzies Saturday

Just who is Britt Menzies? Well, Britt Menzies is an author and the founder, creator and spirit behind StinkyKids. Britt is a mom, wife, award winning author and artist with a flair for originality. A graduate of Florida State University, Britt is a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. Inspired by her own little stinKers, Britt is constantly evolving StinkyKids to inspire kids to “Always Be a Leader of Good.”Britt Menzies will be at Funky Monkey, Wheatley Plaza Greenvale this Saturday from 11am to 1pm for a StinkyKids storytime, coloring contest and book and doll signing.

StinkyKid Britts Blog

Funky Monkey Toys and Books

360 Wheatley Plaza

Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale, NY 11548

(516) 484-0966

The Joy of Babies and Kids!

I absolutely love kids and if I could I would have many more! Today I had the pleasure of  baby sitting my 15 month old niece, Samantha. Let me tell you what a ball it was. I also remember things that it is “impossible” to do with babies! Keeping socks on their feet is impossible. And trust me those cold feet are sure to find your warm body and send you into shock. It’s a battle I gave up after 10 times of playing put on take off.  And you can bet we played that game with the diaper too! We resorted to the comfy footsie jammies! These were sure to keep the diaper on and feet warm! No matter how hard you baby proof your house they will find that one thing that you missed. Babies always find the littlest thing funny and it will keep them laughing for a long period of time! Something as little her sneezing kept her laughing for a good 20 minutes! Of course it wasn’t just a sneeze. The sneeze was just the start of a chain of events. Her sneeze which was one of those little cute baby sneezes caused smiles but then started the giggling. Apparently, giggling leads to a hiccup which leads to more giggling which causes another hiccup. Can you see where I am going with this? Exactly Laughing! And this kept her and myself entertained for a good twenty minutes!  This little girls knows what she wants and will tell you from being hungry to taking her nap. I thought nap time would be interesting and that she would put up a fight so imagine my surprise when she took me to her stroller and wanted in. All snug in her stroller with her snuggie she started singing, so I started to sing Rock-a-Bye-Baby and in less than 5 minutes she was out! I remember fighting to get my youngest daughter (now 31 months) to take her nap! She did everything possible to avoid nap time. Unless she was with Grammy and then forget it she was a perfect angel and went right to sleep. But that is the magic of the “Grammy” Kids don’t need 1000’s of different toys. They are going to pick one or two toys that will be their favorite. Let me warn you these are going to be the loudest, most annoying toys possible. And it will be their favorite toy for that reason until they get older and notice how much it drives you crazy hearing the same saying over and over and over again. It will then become their choice of torture to drive you out of your mind. This goes the same for their favorite show or movie that they need to watch over and over again until they either wear the tape/dvd out or it magically grows legs and goes for a walk and gets lost. My mom used to tell me that my sister would watch The Night They Saved Christmas everyday, all year long. My parents taped it for her while on tv around Christmas time. Back when VHS were cool, before dvds or Tivo was even thought of being invented, so you know the commercials were recorded as well. One HOT day in July or August my sister is of course watching her favorite VHS when the breaking news section of a Blizzard hitting the TriState area. My mom only hearing parts of the segment mostly the Blizzard and TriState area not realizing that it was the tape and did the whole double take what the heck thing, Snow in the Summer. She then realized it was indeed the tape and that it was time for it to get lost. At the time I thought it was the funniest thing, Now as a mom myself its NOT so funny. Kids are miracles and will keep us occupied and drive us crazy for years….GUARENTEED!

Free Emergen-C for Kids Sample


Kids Eat Free at IKEA Sept. 3-5

Kids Eat Free at IKEA Sept. 3-5

IKEA is offering a free meal to any children under the age of 12 from September 3-5th. Simply go to your local IKEA store during those dates and select a combo meal priced at $2.49. Limit one meal per child.


Tea Party

A toddler was giving her daddy a tea party. She brought him a little cup of “tea” which was just water, of course. After several cups of tea her Mom came home, Dad made her wait in the living room to watch his little Princess bring him a cup of tea, because it was “Just the cutest thing!” Mom waited and sure enough, here she comes down the hall with a cup of tea for Daddy. Mommy watches him drink it up and then says “You know, the only place she can reach water is the toilet!”

Do you have a plan in place in case of a weather emergency? Do you know what you  can do to prepare your kids? The Weather Channel has come up with a list of what to do in the case of a weather emergency.

Follow these tips to ensure the welfare of your family:

  • Keep an eye on children’s emotional reactions to severe weather. Talk to children – and just as important – listen to them. Encourage kids to express how they feel and ask if anything is worrying them.
  • Regardless of age, reassure them frequently that you, local officials, and their communities are all working to keep them safe and to return life back to normal. Older children may seem more capable but may also be affected by the displacement in their lives.
  • Watch for symptoms of stress, including clinginess, stomach aches, headaches, nightmares, trouble eating or sleeping, or changes in behavior.
  • After the storm, supervise children closely and inspect those areas in which they are playing. Gullies, downed electric wires, and sharp debris are just a few of the hazards children may encounter following severe weather.
  • If you are concerned about the way your children are responding long after severe weather, consult your doctor, school counselor or local mental health professional.

(List was prepared by  http://bereadyweather.com/kids)

Fema has a website for kids that will help them prepare and learn about Weather Emergencies. Its colorful and has a lot of cool fact and important information.


Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K to 2nd Grade With Phonics Flip Books, Workbooks, Sing-Along CD and more List Price $69.99 YOU PAY $14.99

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Features Include:

  • Letter recognition phonics reading method
  • Interactive and fun
  • Prepares children for success in school
  • Builds reading confidence
  • Developed with teachers
  • Tested with kids
  • 3-step method: learn, practice, play
  • 3 phonics flip books
  • 4 activity workbooks
  • 1 sing along CD
  • DVD with music and cartoons
  • 1 make-a-book kit
  • Pre-K to 2nd grade

When you share a photo or description of your breakfast, Kellogg’s will help share breakfast with kids in school who might be missing out. You can share as often as you want to help us reach our goal of one million breakfasts.


Select bowling centers and schools around the country are participating in the first ever Kids Bowl Free program. This program is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun way for kids to spend time this summer.

Children whose age does not exceed a limit by a participating bowling center are eligible to register for 2 free games a day, all summer long until August 31,2011 , courtesy of the participating bowling centers along with the schools and organizations.

They have a referral program where you can earn cool rewards for telling your friends about the program.  Parents can get the family plan  for $24.95 and receive 2 free games a day  for up to 4 adults to bowl along with the kids. Its a great value and a great low cost way to spend time with the kids. Well over a $1000.00 value

Please visit http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ for more details.

Please enter referral email irvandkathleen@gmal.com where it says did a friend refer you.

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