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$30.00 worth of FREE Jewelry

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We all know that Halloween Costumes can get expensive and most of the time are only used once. Here is a fun way to have a “Greener” Halloween and get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Host a Pre-Halloween Costume Swap Party Get your friends together to swap old costumes, accessories, and share ideas on homemade costumes. This is great for groups or playgroups.

  • Pick a date early in October. Try for 3-4 weeks before Halloween. This gives enough time if costumes need adjustments or if you are making a homemade costume enough time to be ready.
  • Set a place. Pick a place that has room and be sure to have lots of mirrors! everyone will want to see how they look. Don’t forget to ask your PTO to be involved. They love to help and organize projects and save parents money!
  • Don’t forget the invitations! If your party is for kids and you have a playgroup get them involved! Kids love being hands on especially with craft projects.

Day of your Party:

  • Take pictures. This is a great way to see before and after transformations.
  • Have everyone make their favorite Halloween Treat! This will also help with ideas for everyone’s menu for their Halloween Parties. Have them write the recipe down to share with others.
  • Play your favorite spooky Halloween music. Or for younger kids your their favorite funny Halloween music.
  • Have everyone bring their old costumes and/or accessories that no longer fit of have. Exchange costumes for a “New” costume that fits. Make sure everyone tries on their costume to make sure it is a perfect fit, plus you can help each other with ideas on how to perfect costumes.
Don’t forget to meet up on Halloween so everyone can see your finished master pieces!

Still have costumes that don’t fit or have no use, donate them to your local schools or daycare centers! They use them for props or dress up bins! Or you can reuse them when decorating your house for Halloween decorations.

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We Got the Treats Pete ONLY $19.99

This Halloween’s must decoration!! I purchased on for the kids this year and he is the cutest little puppy ever! When you press Pete’s left paw his body and ears dances and sways. He sings “We got the Treats” to the music of “We got the Beat”. Pete is recommended for ages 3 and up and requires 3 AA batteries.  Pete is 10″ high and would love to come trick or treat at your house this year!

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