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TomTom XXL 540-S GPS Navigator With 5″ Touchscreen, Spoken Turn by Turn Directions & Advanced Lane Guidance ONLY $59.99

Condition: Factory Refurbished
90-Day Warranty
Manufacturer: TomTom
Model: XXL 540-S


Features Include:

  • 5.0″ touchscreen LCD display (480×272 pixel)
  • Highly sensitive GPS chip
  • 1GB internal flash memory
  • Anti-glare widescreen display
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions, including street names
  • More than 7 million points of interest
  • Preloaded maps of U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • 1 million more miles of mapped road than other GPS brands
  • Help Me! emergency menu directs you to nearest emergency centers including police, hospital and fire stations
  • Advanced Lane Guidance uses photorealistic images with arrow pointer to guide you through lane crossings
  • IQ Routes analyzes traffic patterns to provide the smartest, fastest route
  • QuickGPSfix locates first GPS position in seconds and gets you going quickly
  • Map Share option for instant map downloads and updates
  • TomTom HOME allows personalization of GPS through a computer with internet connection
  • EasyPort mount folds flat against GPS unit for fold and go portability
  • 3 hours battery life (when not using car charger)
  • Factory refurbished

Package Includes:
TomTom XXL 540-S, EasyPort Mount, USB Cable, Adhesive Disk, Car Charger, User’s Guide



TomTom GPS

TomTom XL550 5” Portable Widescreen GPS Navigator with Spoken Instructions and Advanced Lane Guidance ONLY $59.99

Product Features:
5.0″ Touch Screen is extra-wide for an expanded driving view and easier menu operation
EasyMenu is a two-button menu that allows you easy access all of TomTom’s powerful features; just a tap gets you started, and easy-to-follow commands and recognizable icons lead you through a quick start-up process
Premium Maps of US, Canada & Mexico lets you travel confidently knowing you’re following the most accurate and dependable maps in the GPS industry
Using TomTom maps, you’ll have access to one million more miles of mapped road in the U.S. that you would using other GPS brands (based on information available as of January, 2011)
Customize your TomTom GPS device using a gallery of licensed art and professional designs, or add a more personal touch by uploading images and adding text
Advanced Lane Guidance provides extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions by showing you which lane to take, so you won’t miss your turn or have to make dangerous lane crossings (available in the US & Canada only)
Photo-realistic images and a pulsing green arrow indicate exactly which lane to use
Help Me! emergency menu lets you easily access local emergency providers such as police, fire stations, and hospitals
The “Where Am I?” feature pinpoints your exact location so you can accurately communicate it to emergency resources
Keep your eyes on the road while your TomTom GPS announces turn-by-turn directions, including street and place names
Anti-glare screen always gives an optimal view, even in direct sunlight
Map Share(tm) On-Demand Updates give you the ability to update your own map instantly or download verified updates from other drivers; update your TomTom daily or whenever you wish
Latest Map Guarantee: When you start using your TomTom, if a newer map release is available you can download one complimentary update to your map within 30 days from the time you first start using your TomTom device (Latest Map Guarantee is available via TomTom HOME)
IQ Routes: Despite posted speed limits, traffic traveling along a road at 8 a.m. moves at a different pace than it does at 2 p.m. Actual traffic speed is affected by rush hour, traffic light changes, pedestrian traffic, day of the week, and more. IQ Routes is TomTom exclusive technology that evaluates routes based on actual traffic speeds, rather than posted speed limits, and will recommend the fastest route for the time of the day (available in the US and Canada only)
TomTom HOME Content Manager allows you to personalize your device while providing all the latest downloads, updates, and content; just connect your device to your computer and HOME will launch automatically
You can subscribe to TomTom services, download new points of interest, voices, and more, and share your own content with the rest of the TomTom community
Speaks a boatload of different languages

What You Get:
TomTom XL550 5″ Portable GPS Navigator
Easyport Mount
USB Traffic Receiver
Home Charging Cable
Adhesive Disk
Quick Start Guide
Accessory/PLUS Leaflet
TomTom Safe Driving Leaflet

Factory Recertified
90 Day Warranty


TomTom Go 630 GPS Navigator With 4.3″ Touchscreen, Bluetooth Calling ONLY $54.99

Condition: Factory Refurbished
90-Day Warranty
Manufacturer: TomTom
Model: Go 630


Features Include:

  • 4.3″ touchscreen display (480x272p resolution)
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling (with compatible mobile phone)
  • Hands-free voice input option, speak your destination
  • FM transmitter plays MP3s and more through car stereo
  • Anti-glare screen
  • 2GB internal flash memory
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Highly sensitive GPS chipset
  • Up to 5-hours of battery life (when not using in-car power)
  • QuickGPSfix locates first GPS position in seconds
  • Advanced Lane Guidance with photorealistic images guide you to the proper lane
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions with street and place names
  • Plug & Go ready
  • IQ routes evaluates routes based on time of day
  • Map Share on-demand updates with verified updates
  • Help Me! emergency menu with location of local emergency service providers
  • Where Am I? feature delivers pinpoint location information
  • Preloaded with premium maps of U.S. and Canada
  • 1 million more miles of road than other GPS brands
  • TomTom HOME Content Manager provides device personalization options when connected to a computer
  • Factory refurbished

Package Includes:
TomTom Go 630 GPS Unit, USB Car Charger, USB Cable, CD-ROM, Documentation


TomTom GPS

New Verizon Palm Pixi Plus 3G Touchscreen Smartphone with 8GB Memory, WiFi, and Can Be Configured to Use as a WiFi Hotspot Only $24.99

Product Features:
Palm webOS platform
Touch screen with QWERTY keyboard
2MP Camera with flash
Fast access to Google Maps and YouTube
Music Player (mp3, aac, and more)
HTML web browser
Assisted and standalone GPS
8GB flash memory
Usage time: up to 312 minutes
Standby time: up to 350 hours

What You Get:
New Verizon Palm Pixi Plus 3G Smartphone

New Retail Box
1 Year Warranty


TomTom XL340S 4.3″ Portable Touch-Screen GPS Vehicle Navigator With Spoken Directions & Lane Guidance List Price $319.99 YOU PAY $49.99

Condition: Factory Refurbished
6 Month Warranty
Manufacturer: TomTom
Model: XL340S


Features Include:

  • 4.3″ LCD touchscreen display (480×272 pixels)
  • Plug & Go, works right out of the box
  • 2GB flash memory
  • Spoken turn-by-turn instructions
  • Spoken street names
  • 7 million preloaded points of interests: gas stations, restaurants, hotels and more
  • Maps of the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • IQ Routes technology gives you the fastest route
  • Advanced Lane Guidance with photorealistic images for multi-lane exit navigation
  • Route recalculator if you get lost or miss a turn
  • TomTom Map Share lets you modify maps and get verified changes from other users
  • Help Me! Emergency Menu provides directions to nearest emergency assistance center including police, fire station and hospital
  • Optional RDS-TMSC traffic receiver accessory for traffic updates
  • USB connectivity
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Fold & Go Easy Port mount
  • Factory refurbished

Package Includes:
TomTom XL 340S, Easyport Mount, USB Car Charger, USB Cable, Documentation

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