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FREE copy of Optimization for Dummies

If you are considering an optimization solution for your business, you likely have a lot of questions. What kind of problems can optimization solve? Do you really need to optimize your business processes? Will you get a good enough return on your investment to justify the expense? And if you do decide to optimize, how should you go about it? Do it yourself, or hire an outside provider? This book can help you find the right answers to all of these questions.

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Are you Interested in Guest Blogging on Kathleen’s Blog Spot?

Recently, I have had several inquiries regarding Guest Blogging on Kathleen’s Blog Spot.

Please direct all Guest Blogging requests to Kathleensblogspot@gmail.com with the subject GUEST BLOGGING.

All Guest Posts will include a link back to your website as well as a permanent link in our Blog Roll.

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