What is the point of Customer Service or Tracking numbers? I was expecting a package today(Saturday).  I have tracked the package with its tracking number all week to be sure that I was home. (I live in a development and was afraid the package would grow legs..lol.) After waiting all day At 5pm I checked online with its tracking number and sure enough it says the package was delivered at4:03pm. There was no ring or knock at the door and when I checked there was no package. I called FedEx’s customer service and speak to one of the reps who go into their database and inform me that the package was delivered to the wrong address but not to worry they had the package and it would be delivered to my by 8pm. Well 8:15 pm comes around and guess what? Yup, no package. I once again call Customer Service and explain the situation to their rep and is informed that the package was delivered at 4:03pm. I again explained the events of the package and she states oh yes your right. She states that the package is in transit to my house and that they deliver until 10pm and the package will be here tonight. So I stay up waiting for my package that I have been assured twice that it would be here today and yet here it is 1:55 am on Sunday morning and no package and still awake. One more call and a fight with another rep after being told again that my package was delivered at 4:05pm and explaining the whole story over again and asking to speak to a Manger or Supervisor, I was told that there is none on and that if I want to talk to a manager or supervisor I would need to call back at another time and that they can not put a note in requesting to have a supervisor call me. As far as my package they don’t know where it is and it will hopefully be delivered on Tuesday if they can find it, since FedEx does not deliver on Sunday’s or Monday’s. (There is a magical impersonator truck with the name FedEx on the side that delivers our packages on Monday’s) I think my package is lost somewhere and now need to go through the stress and hassle of finding it or trying to get a replacement from the original company. I understand that FedEx is supposed to be safer and faster that the Post Office however I bet if the Post Office was to deliver it I would have gotten my package 😦  FedEx has not proven ANYTHING to me except they have very poor customer service skills, their drivers deliver packages to the wrong addresses and NO ONE takes responsibility for any of their actions or admits their mistakes.