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Peter Pauper Press Christmas Cupcake Kit Review

Learn how to bake and decorate 4 different specially-designed cupcakes to make your holidays merry and bright! This Christmas Cupcake Kit has everything that you need to make amazing Christmas treats except the batter and frosting! The kit includes 24 festive cupcake liners in several festive patterns. These are the really good liners that don’t become part of your cupcake and impossible to separate from the cake. The kit has 24 Christmas cupcake toppers in 4 patterns. I love the fact that this kit has  6 different pastry tips, connector and pastry bag. It is perfect for beginners and they can be used over and over again. It also comes with a 32-page mini-book packed with simple decorating instructions for several designs, as well as cake and frosting recipes it help you create your own masterpieces.  Juan Arache has been creatively cake-decorating for over 25 years.  Juan Arache has worked in famed New York pastry shops Cupcake Cafe and Little Pie Company. He currently owns his own cake-decoration school and store, the Sugar Room, located in New York.


Peter Pauper Press has a full line of Holiday Kits and books to help with all of you holiday projects. This kit would make the perfect addition to any stocking!

(I received one kit for my review thanks to the sponsor. I received no monetary compensation for my review. My opinions are my true opinions and were not influenced by the sponsor.)


Free iPhone and iPad apps and games

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Too Many Toys???

Every year Christmas brings joy and happiness to our home. It also brings an over abundance of toys when added to the ones you already have usually leaving little space for the little ones to enjoy their new toys. So we explained to the kids that in order for “Santa” to bring them new toys that they needed to make room for them. At first the kids weren’t thrilled with the idea of getting rid of their toys but we explained to them that at the end they would be proud of helping others. We started with 5 boxes. We started by writing Broken, Donate, Missing pieces, Outgrown and Favorite on the boxes. This helped us as we went along to stay focused and organized. We went through the toys and started by throwing away any toys that had gotten broken through out the year and were unable to be played with or used for other projects. As we went along anytime they found one of their toys that they constantly play with they got to put it in their Favorite box. Then we moved on to any toys that were missing pieces. Usually even if toys are missing pieces they can be used for other things such as arts and crafts, school projects or sometimes someone has the pieces that are missing and are looking for them. Next we go through any toys that the kids have outgrown. These got into the box but are only there for a little while until we go through them again to see what toys can be put away until younger siblings can enjoy them or if there is no younger sibling we put them in our Donate box. Preschools and Day cares  can give your kids toys that they have outgrown a great new home and will be enjoyed by many other children. There are many resources out there today such as Craigslist.org and Freecycle.org that allow you to post your “unwanted” items. Many times our kids outgrown their toys before they even look used. There are a lot of kids who would love and appreciate to get second-hand toys for presents and give new homes to out grown toys. When all of the toys are gone through we let the kids know how proud we are of them. And explain to them that Santa will be doing a toy pick up on December 1st. All of the toys that the kids are donating are left out at night for “Santa” to come pick up and drop off for other kids to enjoy on Christmas. The kids feel like special Santa elves and their favorite part is knowing that they will be putting smiles on other kids faces on Christmas.

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Guest Blogger Danetta from GoYay! is hosting a Xia-Xia Pet Toy Crabs Review & Giveaway!! Check out these adorable little crabs and her amazing review! And don’t forget to enter for the chance to win your own Xia-Xia™ and a Xia-Xia™ shell. Contest ends November 7th, 2011.


A huge Thank you to Danetta for sharing her review and giveaway with us!

ZhuZhu Babies Review

ZhuZhu pets have done it again with winning over my kids! This is the third time! We all remember when ZhuZhu pets were the latest craze. I searched everywhere for even just one of those little buggers for my daughter. Well they have stolen her heart again. What is cuter than a little hamster without having to feed or clean up with it but all the fun of playing with it? ZhuZhu Babies! These are the cutest little things. I even found myself playing with them. There aren’t just hamsters either!

Each of the babies have their own Unique name, tiny little birthmark, biography and collector’s number. The only think missing is your little one to give them a personality! So, Lets meet some of the new additions:

Hutch – Birthday 12/17 – http://www.zhuniverse.com/products/available/hutch And the best part is that those are ONLY A FEW of all the new additions! What would babies be without their own Nursery. That right ZhuZhu Babies have their own line of accessories as well as Playsets!

My daughters couldn’t wait to rip open the packages and start playing with their “babies”. With all of the  ZhuZhu Babies provided the kids with hours of continuous hands on fun. My daughter even requested to have a back to school ZhuZhu Babies party with her friends and they had a ball! I love how colorful and unique ZhuZhu Babies are! There will definitely be ZhuZhu Babies and play sets on our holiday gift list this year and on my Top Toys for 2011!

For more information about ZhuZhu’s please visit their website at:


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(I am a member of Mom’s Select panel and ZhuZhu babies were provided to me by Mom’s Selectt! I was asked to review the product and give my honest opinion. I did not in anyway receive any monetary reward for my review. I only received the products I review free of charge.)

The Joy of Babies and Kids!

I absolutely love kids and if I could I would have many more! Today I had the pleasure of  baby sitting my 15 month old niece, Samantha. Let me tell you what a ball it was. I also remember things that it is “impossible” to do with babies! Keeping socks on their feet is impossible. And trust me those cold feet are sure to find your warm body and send you into shock. It’s a battle I gave up after 10 times of playing put on take off.  And you can bet we played that game with the diaper too! We resorted to the comfy footsie jammies! These were sure to keep the diaper on and feet warm! No matter how hard you baby proof your house they will find that one thing that you missed. Babies always find the littlest thing funny and it will keep them laughing for a long period of time! Something as little her sneezing kept her laughing for a good 20 minutes! Of course it wasn’t just a sneeze. The sneeze was just the start of a chain of events. Her sneeze which was one of those little cute baby sneezes caused smiles but then started the giggling. Apparently, giggling leads to a hiccup which leads to more giggling which causes another hiccup. Can you see where I am going with this? Exactly Laughing! And this kept her and myself entertained for a good twenty minutes!  This little girls knows what she wants and will tell you from being hungry to taking her nap. I thought nap time would be interesting and that she would put up a fight so imagine my surprise when she took me to her stroller and wanted in. All snug in her stroller with her snuggie she started singing, so I started to sing Rock-a-Bye-Baby and in less than 5 minutes she was out! I remember fighting to get my youngest daughter (now 31 months) to take her nap! She did everything possible to avoid nap time. Unless she was with Grammy and then forget it she was a perfect angel and went right to sleep. But that is the magic of the “Grammy” Kids don’t need 1000’s of different toys. They are going to pick one or two toys that will be their favorite. Let me warn you these are going to be the loudest, most annoying toys possible. And it will be their favorite toy for that reason until they get older and notice how much it drives you crazy hearing the same saying over and over and over again. It will then become their choice of torture to drive you out of your mind. This goes the same for their favorite show or movie that they need to watch over and over again until they either wear the tape/dvd out or it magically grows legs and goes for a walk and gets lost. My mom used to tell me that my sister would watch The Night They Saved Christmas everyday, all year long. My parents taped it for her while on tv around Christmas time. Back when VHS were cool, before dvds or Tivo was even thought of being invented, so you know the commercials were recorded as well. One HOT day in July or August my sister is of course watching her favorite VHS when the breaking news section of a Blizzard hitting the TriState area. My mom only hearing parts of the segment mostly the Blizzard and TriState area not realizing that it was the tape and did the whole double take what the heck thing, Snow in the Summer. She then realized it was indeed the tape and that it was time for it to get lost. At the time I thought it was the funniest thing, Now as a mom myself its NOT so funny. Kids are miracles and will keep us occupied and drive us crazy for years….GUARENTEED!

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