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The month of March is about new life… The snow starts to melt… Trees start to bud… Flowers start to bloom…Spring is here! What would be the best way to celebrate Spring?? How about with the Ultimate Mommy and Baby Event! The entire month of March Kathleen’s Blog Spot will write about everything Mommy, Baby, Pregnancy and Parenting. There will be several giveaways through out the month. Including A Huge Mommy and Baby Giveaway from March 8th – 31st. Two winners will take home over $500.00 in prizes from various small businesses!!!!

Be sure to look for New Reviews of the latest baby items and pregnancy must haves from our favorite companies and small businesses, including Pinxav, Tomy, Bear Haven Boutique, Pink Bowtique and more. You will also find Guest Posts from some our favorite bloggers. The month is sure to be full of fun and excitement!

Free Mix & Match Favorite Pose Package at Olan Mills

This one expires March 15th, 2012.

I had my kids pictures done at Olan Mills several times and I always love how they come out!

Get your Free Mix & Match Favorite Pose Package here.


There’s something uniquely human about our need to scare ourselves silly. As far as anyone knows, no other species goes out of its way to invent reasons to wet itself from fear. Children have the best imaginations, of course, and the list of things that scare them seems to get longer with each generation. What were your biggest fears as a kid; which monsters scared you the most? Here’s our list of 10 different monsters that scare children:

1. Monster Under the Bed – It’s unseen and usually unheard, but we know it lurks … just beneath our mattress, waiting for our feet to hit the floor. Yikes!

2. Boogeyman in the Closet – The scariest of monsters are the ones we never really see, even in pictures. So this monster has reigned in the nightmares of children for as long as there have been bedroom closets.

3. Evil Clowns – What could be more terrifying than a demonic version of those circus mascots and jesters, the clown? We confess that some of these guys, like Pennywise here, give us a real bad case of the creeps.

4. Witches – Sure, sure, we know. There are good witches and bad witches, good spells and bad spells. All we know is that hags like this one scare the crap out of kids.

5. Zombies – Heck, this bunch even has adults obsessed with their imminent invasion. They’re everywhere in pop culture now – movies, books, comics, video games. They’re everywhere and they just keep coming. That makes them very, very scary.

6. Puppets – Let’s face it, even the most charming of these still has at least a little creep factor. Children (and adults like us) have a tendency oftentimes to create our monsters out of the familiar, as with our aforementioned clowns.

7. Namahage – Leave it to the Japanese to incorporate scary monsters into their culture as a way of training their kids to behave, work hard and not be lazy. Hmmm.

8. Cuco – It appears that the Japanese have not cornered the market on scaring their young’uns into submission. Seems our Hispanic cousins have an ace up their sleeves as well, in the form of this legendary bugaboo.

9. Dolls – They walk, they talk; their heads spin and their eyes follow you around the room. They are just plain ghoulishly scary, and some of them are bigger than the kids themselves. Yikes.

10. Ghosts – Sometimes the monsters are more than monsters, beyond flesh and blood. Sometimes they’re not even living. Not in the way we think of living anyway. Spirits, ghouls, poltergeists. Call them what you will, but whatever you do, don’t call upon them, lest you be haunted evermore.

Thank you to Find A Babysitter for the guest post.

Stacie Jensen Photography

Made by a photographer! The action sets built by Stacie Jensen Photography do not only make editing easy and in less time, they also make your photos AMAZING!  The style that these were built on is clean and airy!  Nothing here to overwhelm the amazing talent of you as the photographer!  This set includes those necessary tools to make your clients beautiful {sparkly eyes, smooth skin, sharpen photo, whiten teeth, watermark paintbrush, amazing action to fix your exposure/color and more} – 50 actions for only $45!!! You can’t miss that deal!

To learn more about these action sets please visit Stacie Jensen Photography.

New 3-Pack Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk – Underwater Adventure, Disney Fairies and Jungle Safari ONLY $14.99

Product Features:
Sidewalk Art pops to life with these three washable 3D sidewalk chalk kits
Create & put on the 3D glasses and let the adventure begin
Kids can create their own amazing effects with specially design dual ended chalk
The contrasting colors are paired up, making it easy to create “popping” art scenes
No matter what your skill level, Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk makes it simple to get amazing results
WASHABLE… simply spray with water
Bundle includes Underwater Adventure, Disney Fairies, AND Jungle Safari

What You Get:
2 7oz Sidewalk Paint Bottles
2 Paint Brushes
3 Pairs 3D Glasses
11 Giant Stencils
16 Sidewalk Chalk Sticks
16 Dual-Ended Sidewalk Chalk Sticks
5 Sidewalk Crayons
3 “How To” Books

New Retail Packaging
1 Year Warranty


fan stampFan Stamp Press on Face Paint Review

What kid doesn’t like temporary tattoos or getting their face painted? I know it is one of the most requested activities at our parties and forget about walking past the booth at the fair without hearing “Can I get my facepainted?” I have purchased temporary tattoos and have had disappointed kids because they didn’t work or because the glue didn’t stick and it was the last one of their favorite tattoo. And Face Paint takes time, some skill and can make a mess. Unlike typical face painting or temporary tattoos, Fan Stamp can be used multiple times. Plus, it also applies without water. Fan Stamp takes the wait and the mess out of face painting. No more kids waiting in line. Fan Stamp is so easy to use even kids can do it! Just place the stamp on where you desire, press down on the stamp and then peel. You are all set!

Fan Stamp Directions

When we got our box of Fan Stamp Press on Face Paints we all were excited and wanted to use them right away. The girls got butterflies. Fan Stamp press on face paint is so easy to use and each stamp was good for about 3-4 applications. The stamp started getting lighter. The best part I loved about Fan Stamp press on face paint was the no mess! I didn’t have to worry about water getting spilled or dirty paint brushes to clean up. Just simple clean fun. Fan Stamp has a HUGE selection of stamps to choose from including many Disney favorites. My Fan Stamp is easily removable with any makeup remover.

Not only is My Fan Stamp perfect for parties and gatherings but they have press on eye shadow as well! This is perfect for cheerleaders or dance groups. Available in packages of 3 pairs and 5 pairs they offer rose, light blue, purple, green, gold, zebra, blue zebra styles. It’s easier than applying makeup and all the girls will have identical prints.

To purchase My Fan Stamp Instant Press on Face Paint or to see their complete line of stamps visit their website at:


Or Visit your local Toys R Us.

Check out My Fan Stamp on Facebook to stay up to date:


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(I received My Fan Stamps for free to write my review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my time. My opinion is my own and receiving My Fan Stamps for free had no effect on my review.)

Free Bacardi OakHeart Stein glass

The rules don’t say if each week begins on Monday, or if it’s each week from the original start date, which was supposed to be September 15. You might want to try to enter now, and then on Thursday at 12:01 eastern. It goes until November 23 so you’ll have many chances to try. You should receive an email within a week or so if you make it in the first 5000.


Love by Sex in the City 3.3oz Eau de Parfum for Women ONLY $4.99

Sex in the City
3.3 fl. oz. 100ml


Eau de Parfum

I See Me Personalized Book Review


All kids love special personalized items. Seeing their name on things just makes them smile! My five year old daughter is starting to read and while she had a favorite book when she got her “The Super Incredible Big Sister” book in the mail she had a new one. Her excitement about having a book written about her was adorable to see and her enthusiasm to learn to read her new book was overwhelming. I See Me books have out done themselves with their high quality books!

NEW! The Super, Incredible Big Brother NEW! The Super, Incredible Big Brother

The perfect gift for a new big brother! The Super, Incredible Big Brother book from I See Me! comes personalized with big brother’s name and the name of the new baby. The book reassures big brother that he is loved and appreciated… and it rewards him for helping out and being a “super star” with his new sibling. It comes with a coordinating Super Incredible Big Brother award medal with a place on the back to write the proud big brother’s name! Written by award-winning children’s author Jennifer Dewing and Illustrated by award-winning artist Jill McDonald, this hardcover book is an adorable, whimsical and fun-filled personalized story.

NEW! The Super, Incredible Big Sister

The perfect gift for a new big sister! The Super, Incredible Big Sister book from I See Me! comes personalized with big sister’s name and the name of the new baby. The book reassures big sister that she is loved and appreciated… and it rewards her for helping out and being a “super star” with her new sibling. It comes with a coordinating Super Incredible Big Sister award medal with a place on the back of the medal to write the proud sister’s first name! Made of dense fiberboard, painted with lead-free paint, hung with a fabric ribbon with an easy-detach velcro closing. Written by award-winning children’s author Jennifer Dewing and Illustrated by award-winning artist Jill McDonald, this hardcover book is an adorable, whimsical and fun-filled personalized story.  The Super, Incredible Big Brother and The Super, Incredible Big Sister books are perfect for boys and girls ages 0-8 years of age and includes 20 pages for your little ones to adore. Each book measures 8.5″ x 8.5″.

Take the tour of The Super, Incredible Big Brother:


Take the tour of The Super, Incredible Big Sister:


Preschool According to Me

My favorite would have to be Preschool According To Me. It is like a little yearbook of your child’s preschool year(s). You can personalize your child’s book with pictures and their “favorites” Preschool According To Meis the perfect preschool graduation gift and keepsake that your child will cherish for the rest of their life! The book is perfect for boys and girls ages 2-5 and includes 20 wonderful and colorful pages dedicated to your child’s memories of preschool. The book measures 10″x8″.

Take a virtual tour of Preschool According To Me and see how detailed and personalized these books are: http://www.iseeme.com/preschool-virtual-tour.html

Personalized Books: http://www.iseeme.com/all-personalized-childrens-books.html

Big Brother Book: http://www.iseeme.com/super-incredible-big-brother-personalized-childrens-book.html

Big Sister Book: http://www.iseeme.com/super-incredible-big-sister-personalized-childrens-book.html

Visit I See Me’s website for all their wonderful products:


Follow “I See Me” on Facebook:


( I received a product sample in order to write my review.  I received no monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.)


Online Colleges are an
option for those of you who love books and kids and have thought of
becoming a teacher. People who have a passion for kids’ books sometimes
also enjoy teaching.

$11 Hardcover Window Photobook Worth $35!

Today’s nostalgia-inducing daily deal gets you a gorgeous, hardcover book filled with your favorite photo memories. Pay just $11, and you’ll receive a 20-page, 8.75’’ x 11’’ hardcover window photobook from PhotoBin – normally worth $35!



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