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As a mom I have to say that Tig Tagz ID bracelets are one of the best products out there today! Any parent knows how fast kids hide or worse what that panic in your heart feels like when you think your child is missing.

TigTagz ID bracelets are perfect for everyday you go out and there is a possibility that you and your child could get separated.  They are perfect for times when you are not with your child such as class trips, when the child is with a friend or relative. They come in really cute styles for boys and girls. Tig Tagz are waterproof, sweat proof and tear proof. Which make them near to impossible for your kids to remove. They only way for Tig Tagz to be removed is with scissors.  When you  put a Tig Tagz ID bracelet on your little one, you are making sure that if you and your child become separated that your vital contact information will be with them. You can even have your Tig Tagz personalized for you, as well as add a medical alert! TigTagz are available in sets of 12 for just $10.00 and can be purchased directly from the TigTagz site.

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