Photo Obsessed

Written by my friend Lino Brown

I went to Dish TV to see about adding more channels for our TV. While I was sitting at my computer, I went to my Facebook page to see what everyone was up to. I mostly use this networking site as a way to keep in touch with family, friends, and old students. I really enjoy seeing where life takes people, but I try hard not to get too drawn into spending time on the computer. I am amazed at how many people spend so much time on Facebook. I have one person I know that likes to document her every moment’s coming and going with a new status update. Another girl posts pictures of herself almost every day. And I don’t mean pictures of her kids or places she has been or cool things that she has seen. I mean she literally plays “dress up” and posts pictures of herself just to fish for compliments from her friends telling her that she is cute, has cute shoes, or her latest hair style is amazing. I laugh at how self-absorbed people can be. I really don’t care what people’s check-ins are each moment or the day, nor do I need to post pictures of my hair for the approval of all of my “Facebook Friends.” I wonder if we are watching a generation of self-absorbed, low self-esteem grow up counting on reassurance from people they are connected with through a computer.