Since I have started our website, I have worked with and meet many amazing people behind the scenes of numerous companies. I call them the heart and soul of Small Business. These are the ones who had an idea, turned it into a dream and have chase the butterfly until it was in their net. They have used all of their savings to make their dream blossom and never gave up. They are Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, some are even Grandma and Grandpa’s  and started their dream for their family. They have struggled and hit every bump along the way. The items and products they make aren’t massed produced, boxed and sent to a store to stock shelves. They put heart, soul and time into each item. They take great pride in not only the products they make but the customers they serve. They offer the Best Customer Support I have yet to find. If there is an issue with a product or if you have custom order they are ready to make their customers happy. From wonderful products that helps kids with school and be trendy at the same time, to beautiful bows and bottle cap barrettes to make our little princesses look like little princesses, those beautiful hand-made and crocheted pieces that were worked on even if their hands were sore and hurting, I can go on and on. I wanted to say thank you to these Small Businesses for the time, energy and devotion that they dedicate to their customers. Your work does not go unnoticed.