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Sweets & Treats Boutique Cupcake Liner Review

If you were to ask anyone who knows me they would tell you that I am constantly buying baking supplies. I have an over abundance of supplies to make cupcakes from liners to picks, sugars and sprinkles. My closets are over flowing with make favorite supplies. One of my favorite must haves for cupcakes are the liners! If I see them in the store I can not pass up buying them. I love fun, different, colorful liners. Sweets & Treats have an amazing line of cupcake liners. They have just about every pattern possible Animal prints, Checkered print, Houndstooth, Dots and so much more. These liners are great! My kids recently used them to make mini cheese cakes and they had a ball. Kids love baking and face it fun prints are so much better than plain colors. They used Sweets & Treats Exclusive zebra and checkered print liners. The liners didn’t stick  to the cake like some other liners.These cupcake liners are designed and made from the highest quality, grease resistant paper on the market today. This paper will resist fading even when baking dark colored cakes. The patterns will stay bright, even the white, after baking! They even have no pan liners!!  Sweets & Treats Cupcake liners are available in packs of 50, 500 and wholesale cases, to cover all of your liner needs! Here is the really great part, They are SUPER affordable. Packs of 50 range in price from $2.50- $4.00. Packs of 500 range in price from $10.00 to $25.00. Their wholesale cases are $250.00. Once you try them you will be hooked! I can’t wait to order more!

Animal Zebra Black Cupcake LinersCheckered Black Cupcake LinersAnimal Zebra Pink/Black Cupcake LinersDot Multi Blue Cupcake LinersDot Multi Pink Cupcake Liners

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(Sweets & Treats sent me free liners to test and write my review. I received no monetary compensation for my review. My opinions stated in my review are my honest opinion.)