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Bath House Soap Review

Bath House Soaps are treasures of handcrafted designs. Ever bar is handmade and is unique. Bath House Soaps are affordable and make the perfect gift for anyone especially yourself! Every bar is a generous five and three quarter ounces – six plus ounces. Each bar soothes and moisturizes your skin with the rich lather of glycerin soap. Recently I had the opportunity to try 3 Bath House Soap. While choosing just three was very difficult with the huge selection they offer I decided to try Herbal Essence Glycerin Soap with Shea Butter, Love Spell Glycerin Soap with Goat Milk and one of their Halloween Pumpkin Limited Edition soaps.

I could not believe how much the Herbal Essence Glycerin Soap with Shea Butter smells so much like the shampoo! You can smell the lime, jasmine and grapefruit right through the wrapper. The bar is so colorful with ribbons of pink, yellow and green. My skin tends to get dry but the shea butter left my skin soft and smooth. Herbal Essence Glycerin Soap leave a fresh clean fruity scent but does not leave a film on your skin.
Next, I tried the Love Spell Glycerin Soap with Goat Milk. I love Victoria’s Secrets Love Spell scent so much that I was curious just how close Bath House Soaps could get to making a soap that smelt like one of my favorite perfumes. I was shocked! I actually thought that I was using Love Spell! The scent is identically to the original. I love the fact that this soap has Goat Milk in it. Most people don’t know how beneficial Goat Milk is for our skin. Goat milk soap contains vitamins A and D which helps strengthen the skin. The Love Spell Glycerin Soap was extremely colorful with different shapes and colors of dark green, purple and blue.
The last soap I tried was the Halloween Pumpkin Limited Edition Glycerin Soap. I didn’t want to use this soap because it came wrapped so pretty and the scent was amazing! Instead I used it as a decoration in my bathroom and it ended up being a perfect air freshener. It smelt just like a Pumpkin Spice Pie!! The smell was strong enough to use as a air freshener but not over powering to where it caused a headache.
The last item that I tried was the Black Raspberry Lotion. All Bath House Soaps Lotions are high in vitamins protein and triglycerides. Bath House Soaps are made with goat milk, honey and shea butter with each bringing something special and healthy for your skin. After using my Black Raspberry Lotion my skin was left feeling powdery and smooth not oily and greasy like some lotions do. I love the fact that you are able to get Bath House Soaps Lotions in your favorite soap scent so you can pair them up and layer them.

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