FFS – New NextGen Remote Control Extender – Turns Remote from IR to RF Signal, Control Devices From Through Walls/Cabinets Up To 100 Feet Away! ATH-AAA (433MHz or 418MHz) ONLY $29.99

Product Features:
Turns remote from IR to RF signal, which does not need line-of-sight to work
Range of 100 feet
Room-to-room control
Not obstructed by cabinets or walls
No need to attach anything to front of remote
Transmitter goes inside battery compartment
Built-in charger within base station
Includes two 2/3 AAA rechargeable batteries for transmitter
Also includes adapter for AA battery devices
Not compatible with Logitech Harmony 300/500/600/650/880, Hometheater Master, Samsung and Pace cable box, anything with large LED screen
Available in 433MHz or 418MHz frequencies (If ordering two, please order one of each frequency to avoid interference)

What You Get:
NextGen Remote Extender Base Station (Choice of 433MHz or 418MHz)
Two 2/3 AAA Rechargeable Batteries
AA Battery Adapter
Power Supply
1 Eye Emitter

New Retail Packaging
1 Year Warranty