You can taste the difference between David’s Cookies and other cookie brands. When you bite into a David’s Cookie you can taste that they use the best quality ingredients when making their cookies.I actually thought I was biting into a homemade cookie.  David’s Cookies have no preservatives and are Kosher OUD certified. I actually thought I was biting into a homemade cookie.  My favorite were the chocolate chip. (Those were the only ones I had a chance to try, the kids and family grabbed up the rest before I had a chance.) I expected there to be some broken or damaged cookies being that they are shipped but David’s cookies makes sure that all of their cookies are packaged with care and the cookies were perfect! David’s cookies are perfect for any occasion! With their reliable fast shipping they are sure to be delivered on time! David’s Cookies are reasonable priced with a low shipping cost of only $4.95 for 2 day air shipping! They are the perfect gift for any recipient for birthdays, holidays, showers or graduations. All David’s Cookies orders come with a complimentary gift message you can personalize for the recipient. David’s Cookies has been in business since 1979. They have an amazing selection of products to choose from at very reasonable prices.  And with the low shipping rates of $4.95 for 2-day air and $10 for overnight, there is no way you can go wrong with David’s Cookies. From cookies to ruggalach even no sugar baked goods! Every order is baked fresh the night before it goes out for delivery to ensure that when you receive your order that they are fresh and delicious! I loved the reusable collectible tin that they come in! My brother in-law loves it more since it has his name on it 🙂

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