Love, affection, devotion all mean a deep and enduring emotional regard. Affection is a fondness for others that is enduring and tender, but calm. Devotion is an intense love and steadfast, enduring loyalty to a person; it may also imply consecration to a cause. In order to succeed in a mature loving long-term relationship, You first need to look within yourself and find what love means to you and what your expectations are. Then take those expectations and express them in thoughtless meaningful ways. You have to trust and accept. Don’t assume but always ask. Talk about how you feel and how your significant other feels. Take time for yourself, make time for each other but never forget distance makes the heart grow stronger. When something seems so little and unimportant to yourself, it might mean the world to your partner. Never be afraid or attempt to hide your emotions but confide in each other. Be each others shoulder to cry on when you need to. Support one each others decisions and dreams. Dance. Close your eyes and find the song in your heart you don’t need music, just trust your heart to lead. Take the time to look deep into each others eyes, laugh uncontrollably every chance you get. Little simple kisses mean so much especially out of no where. Make sweet little comments just because you are able to. Never forget to appreciate each other. Sometimes having someone there to listen is all we need. Don’t push away but pull closer. Don’t scream at each other but with each other. Take the time to breathe, collect your thoughts and most likely realize its just not worth fighting over. Chose your fights wisely and let the ones that aren’t worth the time end before they start. Think before you speak for words said in anger are harsher than they are meant to be. Admit when you are wrong. Never go to bed angry always end the day the same way that you start it, with a kiss and “I love you.” Learn to Forgive and not sweat the small stuff. Tomorrow is a gift not a given. Actions speak louder than words. Let your heart write your love story. Don’t worry about PERFECTION but appreciate the imperfections. Flaws are what make us individuals and what gives us character as well as will give our relationships definition. Love Unconditionally.